Why did I discontinue my psychology studies?

Before proceeding with this writing I would like to state that I love psychologists and psychiatrists. True, not all I agree with but there are many that share the same ideas as I do and are my best friends. I don’t want to give the impression that I am against psychiatry, psychology or medicating people  with mental problems. However, medication for people with mental illness should be given in the smallest amount possible that will work and other holistic method should be introduced to complement the therapy.


I do feel that there is too much focus, in Universities, on biology and medication and not enough on holistic method and, more importantly, the Bio-psycho-social model of health.

A few people have asked: “Alfredo, you used to have many high distinctions and you already had two degrees, one with Honors in Sociology, so why did you decide to discontinue your studies at your third year of psychology?

To answer this question as best as possible, I let a psychologist, Daniel Mackler, speak in this uTube film. However, I must stress that I have many friends that are psychologists and their work is outstanding and I fully support what they do. I am also very supportive of many organizations, universities and Health Centers such as the Kidman Centre and I do donate money to the Kidman Centre often organising music events to raise funds which I do independently meaning that I do not work for the Kidman Centre just support it financially if I can.

I am not opposed to psychology as a profession. I am only concerned about the direction that our society has taken and that is towards a biological understanding of mental disorders with disregard or neglect of  the bio-psycho-social model which is the one that we should be using.  This means that we should focus on biological, social and psychological aspects of a person’s disorder keeping in mind that psychology means the study of the mind not just the study of the biological human body at the expense of all else. .






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