Online Volunteer helper for sufferers with mental health problems

Today marks the 15th anniversary since my journey as a volunteer helper started, fifteen years ago. I remember that I was writing on an American websites for people with various mental problems. It is on this website that I met many interesting people like Judy Wright and my friend Lewis and Dr Bob Rich. Writing on this website gave me the idea to begin to help others online and so I did going to other websites and eventually creating my own on Wordress.

I would like to reflect on these years, what I have learned, how networking with people that had a problem like me helped me and how far I have come today. It is true that this effort has contributed to my recovery in more ways than I can begin to identify. It has provided knowledge based on experience and has given me the ability to look at myself through the struggles of other people that were similar to mine. But attempting to help them I have had to help myself.

Being an helper is a difficult position that I guess I have approached not from a position of authority but from a position of equality and mutual aid. It is true to say that we were all helping each other.

Before I start rambling on I would like to get some feedback from my friends about this journey so I will wait for their reply before starting to look at this journey.

I would appreciate it very much if Dr Bob Rich, Judy Wright and Lewis could offer some feedback here not only to help me refresh my mind but touching on some important topics that deserve to be highlighted.