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  • The Illness in question

    I have a question to make not only for those that suffer with a mental disorder but also for the experts, if this is possible. I have noticed for a while now that SANE Australia uses the term “Mental Illness”. I am just a normal person and I have Bipolar II. I don’t claim to […]

  • Need to beat the blues? Banging drums can help fight depression

        Weekly sessions on a drumkit reduced feelings of depression by 38 per cent, researchers found. As well as beating the blues, symptoms of anxiety fell 20 per cent while general mental wellbeing improved by 16 per cent. The Royal College of Music study saw 76 mental health service users take part in weekly […]

  • Anthony Minghella

        Anthony Minghella I have never met Anthony Minghella but I have written a paper and done some research on his life, given that I am interested in humanitarian gifted people. In addition my father Luciano Zotti knew him well because he was an orchestra conductor and was  involved in some work with Anthony. […]

  • Humanitarian Gifted People

        Humanitarian Gifted People Alfredo Zotti This paper is dedicated to the famous writer and film director, Anthony Minghella, who was a humanitarian gifted person. I will briefly look at some of his work and his life in an attempt to define a humanitarian gifted person. Essentially, a humanitarian gifted person is one who […]

  • About Alfredo Zotti

      Growing up, Alfredo felt he never had a sense of security or belonging. His father, an orchestra conductor, traveled across Europe with his mother so Alfredo was often left at home with relatives. When Alfredo’s family moved from Italy to Australia in 1974, he spoke no English, his father’s alcoholism got worse and he […]

  • Method Acting and Coping Mechanisms

        Anne Hathaway and Robert De Niro are two of my favorite method actors because they get totally lost in the character that they play to a point where the character comes to life and is fully believable. I am not implying here that actors suffer with a mental disorder. Some may do and […]

  • Art Therapy and the Creative Process Book

      I would like to continue the discussion on Art Therapy and the creative process. There is always something interesting to learn so any comments or feedback is welcome. A while ago we completed a book on Art Therapy which was published by LHPress. International voices from across the globe come together in Art Therapy […]

  • The Actor

    This is my new painting which is also the cover of my next book that will be titled ‘The Acting Profession and Mental Health.’  

  • The Psychology of Acting (continued)

    Psychologists know very little about the cognitive underpinning of acting, a sharp contrast from what we know about the psychological skills involved in music and in visual art. Performing arts are different because they have to do with the whole complexity of the human experience. I am currently writing a book that proposes that training […]

  • The Psychology of Acting

    One of my interests is to study the psychology of acting. What do actors actually do? Interesting enough, we can learn a lot from actors which is good for our mental health. Many people ask me why is it that I am so interested in Actors or acting? This is because the study of actors […]