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  • Alfredo Zotti Visual Art Page

      The old aphorism “A picture is worth a thousand words” makes analysing the work of talented artist like Alfredo Zotti quite challenge. But if I were to boil down the essence of his landscape work to a single word, I would say “tranquillity”. Zotti captures the rare moments in nature when tranquillity appears and […]

  • Childhood Trauma

    Letter from the editor In this issue, I explore the topic of childhood trauma and its positive correlation with mental disorders. While this is not a topic directly relevant to mental health stigma, it is important because there is much evidence to suggest that childhood trauma can trigger mental disorders (Whitfield, 2010; Maté, 2000). In […]

  • I 5 Del Sud

    The story of the Italian Song, particularly from the 60s onward, has not been written accurately perhaps because it is very difficult to talk about artists that have really contributed to the development of Italian music after the 60s. Historian have the tendency to go to those that have had most success. This can be […]

  • Blast from the Past Jazz Quintet CD

    In mid 2019 Alfredo Zotti decided to record a jazz CD with the idea that the sales from this CD would help children with mental disorders. A great CD of terrific Jazz instrumentals came out that were all Alfredo’s original songs. On this page you can purchase and download the CD titled ‘Blast from the […]

  • What is a “mental illness?”

    Many mental health professionals, from around the world, are divided about the nature of what we call mental illness. Why? Because some look at the illness process as opposed to the illness origins. Mental health professionals such as psychologists and psychiatrists, in therapy, favor the origins model of mental illness: how did the mental illness […]


    The album cover is a photo of one of my abstract paintings titled ‘Jazz Band’ Recording music has always been a passion for me. I was brought up  in a recording studio. I remember that my father, Luciano Zotti, often took me to the studio, one of the best recording studios in the world at […]

  • Online Volunteer helper for sufferers with mental health problems

    Online Volunteer helper for sufferers with mental health problems

    Today marks the 15th anniversary since my journey as a volunteer helper started, fifteen years ago. I remember that I was writing on an American websites for people with various mental problems. It is on this website that I met many interesting people like Judy Wright and my friend Lewis and Dr Bob Rich. Writing […]

  • About Mental Suffering.

      It is important to make my position clear before I start this brief discussion: I am not opposed to medication to help sufferers with mental problems such as depression or anxiety. My position is that there is need of other interventions combined with medication when medication is indicated and that to truly recover a […]

  • Why did I discontinue my psychology studies?

    Before proceeding with this writing I would like to state that I love psychologists and psychiatrists. True, not all I agree with but there are many that share the same ideas as I do and are my best friends. I don’t want to give the impression that I am against psychiatry, psychology or medicating people  […]

  • Billy Joel

    Billy Joel was always open about his Bipolar Disorder. Nevertheless, people, and particularly his fans, continued to love his music and respect him as the great singer songwriter that he is. As Billy Joel clearly has demonstrated, Bipolar is not only a problem but also a source of great inspiration. While most people hide their […]