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The old aphorism “A picture is worth a thousand words” makes analysing the work of talented artist like Alfredo Zotti quite challenge. But if I were to boil down the essence of his landscape work to a single word, I would say “tranquillity”. Zotti captures the rare moments in nature when tranquillity appears and is a balm to the troubled soul. For example, his “fisherman on the shore” landscape appears to be a simple subject of the ordinary man tending to his dinghy by the shore as the sun sets over a prematurely calm sea. Here is the man, with his backed turned to one of nature’s finest hours, as he toils over the manial daily chores. This painting reminds us to look out and see the beauty that surrounds us, ephemeral in a way just like the life of man is ephemeral. The viewer literally wants to tap the fisherman on the shoulder and point at the setting sun. So that is a dominant theme, becoming aware of the beauty of the natural world.

There are many other examples of Zotti’s work that showcase the tranquillity of the natural world, such as the recent Oatley Bay (Sydney) in which a calm and meandering shoreline reflects both the trees and clouds as well as manmade objects such as boats into the water. In doing so, Zotti invites us to reflect on our own lives and the impact on the environment. What is that we would like others to see as our reflection?

Zotti has many other subject areas including paintings of contemporary musical artists and abstract paintings among them. For the sake of brevity, I will leave it to you to explore these on your own. A half dozen of Zotti’s paintings have graced books published by Modern History Press such as “Matriarch” which depicts the relationship between woman and water and Loving Healing Press, including of course “Art Therapy and the Creative Process” whch shows an idealized tranquil evening cityscape. I hope you will enjoy all aspects of Zotti’s work as I have for the past decade or so.

Victor R. Volkman


Loving Healing Press

Fantasia Under the Sea (c) 2015 Alfredo Zotti.
Fantasia Under the Sea (c) 2015 Alfredo Zotti.






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