Amy Winehouse

One of the singers, now passed away, that I really liked was Amy Winehouse.

Because I help people that experience problems online, such as substance abuse, I stumble across a website once where Amy was writing under a pseudonym. I recognized that it was her after a while mostly because she gave a few clues away. And this has happened to me with quite a number of well known personalities. Yes they are human and yes they will write on website even if under pseudonyms. For example I used to write on Stephen’s Fry website and there were quite a few well known personalities writing there under pseudonyms. That website is now gone as Stephen pulled it down when his friend that used to manage the site took her life and she was also my friend. She just had too many physical problems to go on living much like Robin Williams who had Dementia and other physical problems. Stephen Fry was devastated and wrote about her and the experience of losing a friend quite openly. Stephen Fry is a wonderful man very compassionate and humble.

But why I am telling you this story is because Amy suffered with Depression and did not seek proper help but decided to self medicate with alcohol and drugs. Not a good idea at all as this becomes a vicious circle. The more one drinks alcohol, and takes drugs, the more the Depression becomes deeper.

She was a wonderful singer a jazz singer and at the time, I remember, she was to record with Tony Bennett and was insecure about singing Jazz. I told her that she could do it and she did. I told her to use her experiences with depression and put them in the song. The song was “Body and Soul” and she told me how she was really studying the song and getting into the song. She did a wonderful job. When I Started to communicate with her online I tried to help, I tried to convince her to seek alternative treatments not drugs or alcohol. I was not able to do this. It is not always possible for me to help. She did stop drinking and taking drugs for a while but then, towards her last days, she started again. One cannot help everyone. As the saying goes, one can take a horse to water but they cannot make the horse drink. One can also try to make the water more appealing by throwing a few apples in it. But ultimately it is up to the horse to drink, to take the first step. Yes I was sad and still am.

Amy Winehouse was a rare singer, much like Billie Holiday. She had that talent that drive that ability to sing jazz and other styles. She was an artist and by necessity artists do often experience depression, it is part of being an artist most of the times. But to self medicate with alcohol and drugs is not the way, it does not work but makes things more difficult.